Sell, buy, swap, offer, seek, advertise ... Submit an unlimited number of various free ads that are valid for 40 days. After expiration you can renew them. Do not duplicate or post similar ads, or we will delete your account without warning.Free Classifieds Biz

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Rules for advertising on

1. Use of this service is absolutely free.

2. It is possible to publish an unlimited number of different ads that are on the site for 40 days.

3. Author under his responsibility gives his e-mail address, phone number, name and surname.

4. Ad content must not in any way offend readers, authors of other ads or any other person.

5. STRICTLY forbidden are ads with illegal content (for example weapons, drugs, prostitution etc)

and any kind of insults.

6. Ad must be unique. The same or a similar ad will be automatically deleted. One the same ad placed

in multiple categories is not allowed.

7. In case of multiple repetitions of the same ads, by the same author, is subject to sanctions

to its account and all of its ads on the site.

8. Registering multiple user accounts for the purpose of placing the same or related ads, by one person

shall be subject sanctions.

9. For contents which have external links we do not take any responsibility.

10. For the content of pages to which links lead responsibility goes to owners of those site.

11. The title should be clear, brief and specific (bad titles "for sale" or "buy", Good titles

"for sale apartment of 60m2 in Negotin", "We need workers in a boutique Jelena in Negotin" and similar).

12. The title and content of the ad should not use only capital letters.

13. If the email address that the user is registered with becomes invalid, and the system

can not send the notice, the account will be deleted immediately.

14. Site Owner is not responsible for any damages resulting

from the use of this service.

15. Site Owner reserves the right to change this policy.

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