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AdSpyglass - Ad networks mediation service for publishers and website owners

If you work with ExoClick, PopCash, Ero-Advertising, JuicyAds and others, you can increase your income up to 100%. AdSpyglass automatically selects the most profitable offers from top ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites.

AdSpyglass is already being used by over 4500 websites, 10000 ad campaigns displaying over 300 Million ads daily.

How it works?

You may know a common problem for almost all webmasters - monetizing of websites. Rates of your favorite ad networks may fall down and you spend your time by searching for alternatives. Probably, you’ve been trying 3-5 ad networks this year, and found that every network has both pros and cons. And you desired to remove all cons and leave pros only. AdSpyglass are the team of webmasters, same as you are and they understand your problems. AdSpyglass have developed the ad network mediation platform - AdSpyglass.

AdSpyglass helps to get the benefits of each ad network. It allows webmasters to work with multiple ad networks simultaneously. AdSpyglass continuously monitors CPM rates of all ad networks you work with and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites automatically.

The process is simple, take a look at the example below:

You work with 3 ad networks, (let’s call them: Ad Network №1, Ad Network №2, Ad Network №3)
You link these 3 ad networks to AdSpyglass (just set API keys)
Place our ad codes to your websites
AdSpyglass automatically checks CPM rates of all linked ad zones of all ad networks

For example, after first CPM check:

Ad Network №1 CPM = $0.5
Ad Network №2 CPM = $1.2
Ad Network №3 CPM = $0.8
So Ad Network №2 has the highest CPM and will be shown on your web site. After next CPM check situation could be changed and Ad Network №1 CPM = $1.3 so AdSpyglass will display Ad Network №1 and so on. All these processes go on a fly.

That’s it!

Benefits of AdSpyglass:

An income boost up to 100% automatically.
AdSpyglass gives you complete transparency over the data we collect. Detailed reports and real-time ad activity.
There is no need to change your websites templates every time you want to change ad tags. All changes goes directly via AdSpyglass admin panel. It saves your time and helps to avoid mistakes.
You can display your own ads, direct buyers ads or sell your remnant traffic to the ad networks.

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