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Black Hawk is a high-powered, pulse induction-based metal detector by OKM. It is one of the most efficient metal detector in the world as it can be used to detect targets at a greater depth in all types of soil than with any other detectors. Engineers continuously seek for improvements and were able to increase the size of the detection field, enabling a much deeper ground scanning.

Black Hawk is used to detect precious metals such as gold nuggets, gold & silver jewelries, buried treasures and artifacts, and other precious ores- and can discriminate ferrous from non-ferrous metals. It also has an automatic ground balancing feature which reduces the effect of insignificant mineral contents of the soil being scanned. This powerful device detects a single nugget down to over 45cm deep and larger objects, such as boxes, to 8 meters.

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Black Hawk-Pulse Induction Metal DetectorBlack Hawk-Pulse Induction Metal DetectorBlack Hawk-Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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